white space
/(h)wīt spās/

1. a term typically used in graphic design to denote the space b e t w e e n words, images, or letters on a page

2. a term used in business to indicate an unrealized potential or opportunity

Are you dying to write but you're not sure where to start or how to tell if it's even any good?? Or maybe you've been writing for a while but aren't sure how to take your work to the next level? Our creative writing workshops are designed to teach you how to generate stories from thin air, how to write your most authentically so people actually seek your writing out, and how to craft and edit your words to make them as strong and sparkly as possible, so you find readers who are not just obsessed with your words but inspired by your story.

Yes, we need words to tell a story, but they are simply our tools. They are not the story itself. Storytelling is birthed in the white space, the space between the words- that magical, intimidating, mysterious part of our beings that dares to believe we have something to say, but is often overwhelmed by how to say it.  So we've stolen (like all good writers do!) from graphic designers and business-world-people (that's what they're called, right??) and re-purposed the term 'white space' as we want to use it here at Whitespace Writers, where 'whitespace' now means 'a place of unrealized potential where storytelling happens beyond the words'.