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So you know that movie you’ve got in your head? The one where you imagine the film of your life? Or that one crazy idea you think would make the perfect comedy/tearjerker/thriller? Do you picture the musical soundtrack of your daily life? See everyone around you as movie characters? We want to help you write the screenplay you dream about- FINALLY!

YES we do a lot of fiction writing and memoir writing and poetry (oh gosh, so much poetry, YAS poetry) here at Whitespace Writers… BUT, what you may not know is that Alexa works primarily as a development screenwriter, producer, and story editor for film and television, and she wants to help you get your screenplay written, OR, if you’ve written your first draft, help you bring it to a marketable state.

We’ve got a few options for script coaching below depending on what you need, though we do prefer to chat and create a program that works for you. Check the options out, see what might work for you, and then click the button below to fill out a form about what you’re looking for. We’d love to contact you and chat about how we might be able to work with you to get that film in your head, down on paper!

The Script Outline Creation Package is designed to be completed in 8-9 weeks and is for those who have an idea for a screenplay, but no previous knowledge in writing a screenplay and/or formatting stories into film. Over the course of 8-9 weeks, Alexa will assist you in creating an entire scene-by-scene outline for your film.
With this package, Alexa will:

§ Create a custom screenplay outline coaching curriculum to teach you the basics of storytelling in the film medium, including understanding beats, character development, plot generation, story arc, and emotional journey

§ Create “homework” that guides you through the steps to creating your film’s outline

§ Meet with you for one hour once a week to teach the lesson and provide feedback on the previous week’s “homework”

§ Oversee the creation of your film’s outline to the point where you know what should happen in every single scene

§ Provide guidance on next steps for writing the film’s first draft

All additional hours purchased after completion of this package will be offered at the discounted rate of $80/hr.


The Script Coaching Package includes 12 full hours of coaching and prep time and is designed for those who have already written a screenplay, but desire in-depth coaching on getting their screenplay to marketable standards.

With this package, Alexa will:

§ Read your screenplay (up to 125 pages)

§ Recommend and prepare a coaching plan of action for revisions

§ Provide extensive annotations on the first 10 pages addressing format, style, story and character introductions, action, description and dialogue (it is recommended that the script is in Final Draft’s .fdx format in order to receive comments directly on the script)

§ Write annotated comments and suggestions for the entire script

§ Join you for a private online, telephone or in person coaching session of up to two hours

§ Provide you with a recording of your session, along with your annotated screenplay

§ Whenever you are ready, read a new draft of your film based on the initial coaching session

§ Conduct a follow up session to discuss your revisions of the the story and/or script, and to prepare you to begin your next rewrite

All additional hours purchased after completion of this package will be offered at the discounted rate of $80/hr.


The Script Analysis Package is for those who have written a screenplay and desire in-depth feedback on the current draft in order to assist with subsequent revisions.
With this package, Alexa will read your screenplay, and then provide 3-4 pages of notes that will drill down on your screenplay’s structure, isolating and analyzing character and plot and suggesting potential ways that various story elements could be enhanced for emotional effect. In addition to analyzing your script, this package provides specific development notes focused on making your story more dramatic, more exciting, and more marketable.

If scripts exceed 125 pages, fees are slightly higher


Whether beginning a new screenplay or preparing for your next rewrite, hiring Alexa for a single hour of coaching will give your story concept, characters and plot structure a solid, commercial foundation, and will provide an excellent introduction to her principles and process. Should you feel you need a bit more time, but not enough to justify a larger package, simply purchase two or three hours at the same hourly rate. Any unused time will be refunded.

$100.00/ hour